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Caroline was very efficient and a driving force as project leader  for Key Account Management - one of the most professional editorial processes I have experienced.

Rolf Laurelli, consultant and author of close to 30 books within the field of sales and business management

Caroline organized a very smooth editorial process that facilitated for us to put together this book, something I am very grateful for, since we worked under great pressure to finish it in time.

Ewa Menckel, professor and author together with Lars Österblom, organization consultant

Sometimes a very special joy and energy enters a project and that was what happened with this book.
The customer was great, the subject intriguing and we, the project team, were inspired and somehow  managed to do wonders together.
Exactly how it came about I can't tell but I do know that Caroline Ardbo was project leader and that she, in the midst of all this mixture of fun and seriousness, order and creativity, made us "work our asses off" without us even noticing.

Marika Ehrenkrona, writer, consultant and journalist

This was the first national report on the environment and health of children to be published in Sweden. Caroline was introduced to the project in a very late phase but quickly managed to get a grip over the situation and set up an organisation for the editorial process. To a large extent it was her competence and experience that made it possible for us to meet deadlines and, in the end, present a high quality product. In spite of the tight schedule, we also managed to have a lot of fun while we were at it!

Ann Thuvander, head of the Health Protection Unit at The National Board of Health and Welfare

Being an author and editor myself for more than a dozen books within the field of economic history I see Caroline Ardbo as one of the most skilled editors I have come across - she operates with a combination of professionalism, great enthusiasm for the job and a capacity to meet the needs of the customer.

Hans Sjögen, author and professor in economic history at the University of Linköping

The work as an editor for the Swedish National Encyclopedia requires great accuracy, linguistic instinct and a capacity to work well under pressure, all qualities that Caroline possess. She also managed to not only tie a great number of external co-workers to the project, but to keep them motivated to stay with it, in spite of the stress that inevitably comes with a job like this.

Christer Engström, former chief editor for NE, now chief editor for the Encyclopedia of the Swedish Flora and Fauna


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