The struggle for a life... a documentary about how hard the struggle for having a life is in Sweden for people with lifelong disabilities. This in spite of the fact that a unique law (LSS) was enforced in Sweden in 1994 with the aim to make it possible for people with lifelong disabilities to lead a life like everybody else. The movie is produced in Swedish, but we very much hope to be able to produce an English version as well.

The protagonists of the movie are Veronica Hedenmark, entrepreneur and founder of VH Assistans, Jonas Franksson, journalist, actor and political spokesman of STIL, and Jan Paul, former professor and student at Stockholm University.

Some of the other participants in the movie are Judith Heumann, Special Advisor for International Disability Rights at the US State Department, Bengt Westerberg, former political leader for the Liberal Party in Sweden and a driving force behind the law, Emelie Feldermann, journalist and blogger, Thomas Hammarberg, Human Right's expert and advocate, Barbro Lewin, disability researcher at Uppsala University, Marit Paulsen, former member of the European Parliament, Kerstin Paul, psychiatrist, and Sofia Tedsjö, lawyer. We hope to be able to present the movie during 2016.